As a young child, I was fortunate to have parents that were encouraging of my musical pursuits. I spent 16 years immersed in intense classical training, landing me a full collegiate scholarship and a strong propensity towards a career in music. Then one night in 2003, I encountered a kind of artistic breakthrough – an awe-inspiring moment that changed everything.


I had stumbled upon a dim-lit club where a group of musicians were playing a style of acoustic music called “jazzgrass.” Immediately, I was mesmerized – struck by a kind of freedom that clung to the haze in the dark barroom air.  Instead of reciting, they were creating; instead of institutionalizing, they were improvising; instead of stressing, they were expressing. It was colorful, creative, and most of all, it was FUN!


This is the foundation for Strapsey’s product line. Our hope is to give you something new – a unique way to stylize and inspire while being you.


The creator of Strapsey is recognized nationally as an educator, camp clinician and premier fiddle player.  He also directs a popular youth string ensemble called MadFiddle.

Be your own player.


Shauncey Ali